Are you wanting to generate passive income through property investing?
My name is PK Gupta and I help people achieve passive income through property investing using my system to acquire top 5% growth & positive cashflow property and build a portfolio, WITHOUT wasting months doing "research", spending weekends at inspections OR paying tens of thousands of dollars in "Buyers Agent" or "Adviser" fees.

It’s a 6 week self-paced course, with lifetime support, called the Property Investment Accelerator where we find your exact best growth suburb and property type together.

Through a dedicated online video training platform, Zoom calls, tools, templates and data I personally hold your hand to help you develop your portfolio strategy, teach you high growth - high cashflow suburb and property selection, train you in off-market/ on-market property search and valuation to buy under-market value, ensure you master negotiation through legal expertise, renovate for profit, maximise your tax deductions, and finally equip you with the right team so you can do all of this remotely. 

It's a fast-track to how advanced property investors build wealth and create a $100,000 to $200,000 passive income over time.   

I typically work with busy young families and young ambitious people wanting to buy high performing property WITHOUT going around in circles doing "research", giving up their weekends at inspections OR paying tens of thousands of dollars in "Buyers Agent" or "Adviser" fees.

My clients are both new and experienced property investors who:
- are confused by the amount of contradictory information available online
- are wasting hours on with no science or strategy
- don't know where to start
- are nervous, risk averse and can't afford to make a mistake
- don't want to be "sold a property"
- don't have time to learn by trial and error
- have seen all the property ads, webinars & seminars and want honesty and authenticity
- lack confidence and knowledge to guarantee success

Here's the program in a nutshell.

Week 1: developing your ideal wealth creation strategy, an overview of the investment process and fast tracking your deposit

Week 2: selecting your best high growth suburb

This is the heart of the course where I teach you the 35 factors that drive growth, both quantitative and qualitative, their respective weightings, the thresholds in which we know the factors are performing strongly, trend analysis to be able to "time" the market, the data sources and exactly how to interpret the data. This system is self-proving and in less than 3 hours can be applied retrospectively and predictively to understand why suburbs boomed in the past, and which suburbs will increase most in the short and long term future

Week 3: selecting your best growth property type

Week 4: hunting 'off-market' opportunities, conquering property valuation, due diligence and remote property inspections to save time and cost

Week 5: advanced legal training and behavioural economics to negotiate the price and buy under-market valuation

Week 6: manufacturing equity through cosmetic renovation, protecting your assets and maximising your tax deductions quickly  

The tax deductibility of the course is a bonus.

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